Sherwood Park



Designed to increase healing and fight bacteria.


Helps to improve blocked pores and the skin’s texture.

Body Enzyme Therapy

Encourages the body’s skin to perform at its best.


Ideal treatment for clearing deep congestion and soothing reactive skin.

Enzyme Therapy

DMK’s signature treatment, also known as the Game of Thrones facial.

Eye Fusion

Revise signs of ageing and dark circles around the eyes.


Ingrown hairs and bumpy skin are easily revised with Follicuzyme.

Lunchtime Peel

A controlled micro-peel to reveal younger-looking skin.

pH Revision Treatment

DMK’s unique alkalising treatment for stubborn skin conditions.

pH Revision Treatment for Hair Removal

DMK’s unique pain free hair removal treatment.

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel

An advanced restorative peel for optimally functioning, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Pro Peel

Works to revitalises thick, uneven sun damaged skin.


Formulated to remove dead skin cells for softer, clearer skin.

Remodelling Procedure (RP)

An advanced peel for ageing, pigmentation, acne and scarring.

Sebaclear Purification Treatment

Formulated to soften and breakdown blackheads and blockages.