Actrol Powder

Places an antibacterial seal on the skin while absorbing access oils.

Acu Crème

A nourishing cream that helps to clear acne skin.

Acu Masque

A restorative masque that banishes blemishes.

Acu Moist wSPF15

A light hydrating lotion for inflamed acne and excessively oily skin.


Fast acting lotion to help clear acne.


Helps to control breakouts during acne treatments.


Works to restore the skins protective barrier.


A spot gel designed to help break down pimples.

Beta Gel

DMK’s signature boosting serum to help heal the skin.

Biogen C Crème

DMK’s ‘beauty in a flash’ crème, for tired and stressed skin.


Encourages the skin to heal and relieves irritation.

Deep Pore Pure Cleanser

A gentle non-stripping cleanser for normal and oily skins.


Powerful health and beauty supplement.


Works to draw out toxins in just three minutes!

Exoderma Peel

Is a gentle exfoliating masque suitable for most skin types.

Fibromax C

Is an intense vitamin C therapy for ageing and problematic skin.

Foamy Lift Masque

Exfoliates purifies, strengthens, brightens, and tones the skin.

Herb & Mineral Mist

DMK’s signature nutrient rich spray.

Hydra Louffa

Is a body wash and exfoliant in one.

Hydroloc Crème

Locks in moisture for intense rehydration.

Micro Peel

Exofliates and rejuvenates dull and wrinkled skin.

Milky Clean & Pure Cleanser

Is a gentle créme like cleanser.

Pore Reduction Drops

Works to purify and minimise open and enlarged pores.

ProAmino Crème

Protects and maintains a youthful healthy complexion.

Red Vein Crème

Revises broken capillaries and red swollen veins.


A rebalancing overnight créme to help strengten the skin.


Prevents dehydration by immitating the skin natural barrier.

Solar Damage Gel

A barrier gel to soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

Super Serum

A cocktail blend of the DMK Beta Gel & Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum