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DMK Home Kits

Oil Control Home Kit

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Put an end to oily skin, including excess oil build-up.  The DMK Oil Control Home Kit is specifically formulated to reduce, balance and restore the skin to its natural best.  Starting with Acu-Klenz, you get deep-cleaning of your pores, reducing sebum production.  Followed with Creme Citrique to revise the skin’s pH balance and regulate oil flow. Last, using Actrol Powder, excess sebaceous oils and fluids are targeted, removing excessive, obvious shine associated with un-desired oil production. Containing Vitamin C crystals, this formulation does not strip the skin, but rather promotes optimum balance, leaving the skin looking and feeling its best.
DMK products included:
FREE Acu Klenz  60ml
Creme Citrique  15ml
Actrol Powder   30g


STEP 1 Dampen skin and using fingertips massage a small amount of ACU KLENZ onto skin using a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse extremely well with warm water. STEP 2 After cleansing skin, gently massage a thin layer of CREME CITRIQUE. STEP 3 Using a cotton ball, lightly dust entire face and/or where is needed with ACTROL POWDER.


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