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DMK Home Kits

Enzyme Lift & Renew Home Kit

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For 40 years the DMK Enzyme Masque has help people achieve phenomenal radiance with noticeably glowing skin with this weekly treatment. The DMK Enzyme Lift & Renew Kit is specifically formulated for those experiencing accelerated signs of aging and environmental damage and want noticeable results. Lift, Firm, Oxygenate and Detoxify with this amazing masque. Includes Free Bowl and Masque Brush.
Products Included:
Deep Pore Pure Cleanser  60ml
Exoderma Peel  60ml
Foamy Lift Masque  30g


STEP 1 Dampen skin and using fingertips massage a small amount of DEEP PORE PURE onto skin using a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse extremely well with warm water. STEP 2 In a plastic or glass bowl, use a DMK brush to mix a teaspoon of FOAMY LIFT MASQUE with equal amount of EXODERMA PEEL to form a fluffy paste. Apply using upward and outward strokes to face and neck. Wait 25-35 minutes then wash off thoroughly. Finish with other DMK products


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