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Correctors & Neutralizers

DMKC HiLite Correctors

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DMKC HiLites ... Emphasize your best features.

HiLites emphasize areas that need to be accented. DMK Cosmetics provide four essential highlighting colors that can be used to achieve definition on the face.

DMKC HiLites also provide subtle color correction based on the specifically formulated color ranges.

Each individual HiLite come in a flip top, mirrored compact with a net weight of 5g (.18oz.) Because of the variety of uses there is no way to list the number of applications.


Special Yellow HiLite
For fair or light European skin tones. Yellow HiLite is used with Olive, Asian or skin tones requiring to accent with yellow based colors. It’s also great for mixing with foundations to lower the color intensity without lowering the base tone of the foundation. Yellow HiLite also removes subtle violet tones while highlighting foundation colors.


Special Pink HiLite
This basic HiLite is used to eliminate browns that are under the eyes, while still highlighting. This is also a great highlight to use for all Caucasians skin tones. It works very well with all Foundations for Caucasian skin that have pink to coral undertone.


Special Dark HiLite
A neutral brown highlight used on darker skin tones. Excellent for dark Caucasain skin tones as well. Highlights and accents medium dark to deep skin tones with a natural subtle brown color.


Special Orange HiLite
Is the all-purpose HiLite used for all Caucasian and European skin tones. This is a standard color for highlighting. It's warm base will actually highlight and reduce subtle blueness under the eyes. Use this color to lighten up Coral to Coral-Pink Foundation colors.

Special Yellow HiLite
Special Dark HiLite
Special Orange HiLite
Special Pink HiLite


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