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Correctors & Neutralizers

DMKC LoLite Correctors

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DMKC LoLites ... Sculpt the face

DMKC LoLites are used to sculpt the face by eliminating reducing the reflection. For example, adding a small amount of LoLite to the sides of the nose, slims the width of the nose.

Natural Lolite I "Lite Cafe"
A lighter LoLite excellent for light to medium Caucasian skin tones. It is also good to use when darkening Foundation colors without altering the hue value of the color.This beautiful, sublte shade of brown is excellent for contouring areas of the face that need less emphasis.

Natural Lolite II "Expresso"
A darker version of LoLite 1 formulated to be used on medium-dark to dark skin tones. This LoLite is excellent for adjusting the value and hue of any darker DMKC Foundation.

Natural Lolite I "Lite Cafe"
Natural Lolite II "Expresso"


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